Special Offers

Classes for Beginners:

From January 2014 through July 1, 2014, Winning Edge will offer our beginner craps classes for a dicounted price of $75 instead of our regular price of $149. price includes:

  • 2-hour instruction in  how to play the game of craps, divided into two 1-hour sessions
  • Instruction includes how the game is played, how to bet, optimal bets, explanation of Pass Line bets, Come bets, Field bets, odds, and proposition bets
  • Optimal betting strategies
  • The Language of the Game, or  ‘I don’t want to sound like a fool at the table’
  • Practice sessions with instruction
  • Additional practice sessions without instructors or tune-up sessions before you go to the Casinos


Advanced Craps Classes on Dice Control

From January 2014 through June 30, 2014, Winning Edge offers our Advance Craps/dice Control classes for $999 instead of our regular price of $1100: Classes include the following:

  • 2-day instruction for 5 hours each day. The days are broken up into two 2.5 hour sessions covering the Dice sets, various dice grips, how to the throw the dice and become a precision shooter, and betting strategies.
  • Day two focuses on throwing the dice with intensive practice sessions with instructors to improve your accuracy.
  • Members have unlimited access to practice sessions and simulated games – no instructors
  • For a small fee, additional one-on-one instruction is also available.
  • Measure yourself against other shooters in Simulated games before you go to the Casinos.
  • Receive a copy of the DVD from the History Channel entitled Breaking Vegas: Dice Dominator and a Winning Edge T-Shirt or Ladies T-Shirt. Also included are 4 additional training DVDs

Private Tudoring Sessions are also available upon request

We Offer Classes until 8 pm Tues - Friday and 6 pm Sat. & Sun

Monday by appointment only

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