Advanced Classes

Craps is a game that can be beaten by employing a craps strategy that works within the established rules of the game as the casinos have laid them out. How is this possible? Read on and discover The Winning Edge: 

Craps can be beaten by changing the nature of the game from a mathematical and random contest, where the casino has built in the edge for itself, to a physical contest, where the person who shoots the dice can gain the winning edge by skill  in precision throwing of the dice from proper instruction and practice on regulation craps tables.

This craps strategy is called dice control, precision shooting, or rhythmic rolling, and was discovered by the man known as the Captain in the late 1970s. The technique was first written about by Frank Scoblete in Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos: How to Play Craps and Win!

As you read about our various crap classes you will note that there are 8 Physical Elements to controlling the dice - and each one must be learned properly in order to flip the game to the player's side. And Winning Edge accurately teaches these 8 Physical Elements.

Winning Edge takes the most powerful dice sets, the best grips, the most careful delivery methods, the mathematically best betting strategies and focuses on them exclusively. We don't waste your time with a craps strategy focused on trivia or trivial discussions of hundreds of dice sets, betting systems, or the like. We focus on what we know can make you win at craps.

But it isn't enough to just know the mechanics of dice control - you must be able to execute your skill in the casino. That's why you get extensive hands-on instruction from our instructors, experienced precision shooters with over 23 years of craps experience. That's also why we teach you powerful methods of concentration and "relaxed-focus" so that you can actually perform in the loud, distracting casino environment.

By the end of day one, students know how to set the dice with alacrity; they know how to grab, grip, and throw the dice with precision. They know how to focus effectively on what they are doing.


By the end of day two, the students know a mathematically verified method for saving money on other shooters; how to get more comps from less play, and how to manipulate their betting strategies to maximize winning. 

It is important to understand that no student will become a master dice-controller in one or two days but Winning Edge dice control classes are the only way to lay the foundation for winning craps play. So, if you are going to play craps anyway, why not play it to win? That's the best craps strategy of all.

Advantage Player Classes - $ 999


  1. 2-day instruction for 5 hours each day. The days are broken up into two 2.5-hour sessions covering the Dice sets, various dice grips, how to the throw the dice and become a precision shooter, and betting strategies.
  2. Day two focuses on throwing the dice with intensive practice sessions with instructors to improve your accuracy.
  3. Members have unlimited access to practice sessions and simulated games –instructors available for questions
  4. For a small fee, additional one-on-one instruction is also available.
  5. Measure yourself against other shooters in Simulated games before you go to the Casinos.
  6. Receive copies of 4 Training DVDs and the DVD from the History Channel entitled Breaking Vegas: Dice Dominator

 We Offer Classes until 8 pm Tues.-Friday and 6 pm Sat. & Sun


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